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What sets us apart:

Personalized services

Investigación e innovación

Research and innovation

In the research, creation and elaboration of aromas and flavors, our daily goal is to create more better products. To achieve this, our Research, Development and Innovation Department carefully analyzes the new raw materials with the aim of developing the flavors the market demands, which adopt the latest seasonal trends.


Continuous innovation and creativity are the essential points of success with our customers.

In Maluquer we have a gas chromatograph and a mass spectrometry detector, which, together with our large collection of reference aromatic substances and related literature, allow us to identify and analyze any component present in food, thus contributing to the reasearch of new flavors.

Planta piloto

Pilot plant

We have a pilot plant to develop finished products in collaboration with our customers. This equipment allows them to make ice cream and sorbets, bread, cakes, drinks, and cold cuts.

Producción a la medida

Tailor-made production

Do you want to design a special aroma or flavor? We make it possible.

Years of research and our new equipment allow us to have the necessary tools to develop the products that our customers want.

Calidad e inocuidad

Quality and safety

The quality, safety and legality of our products is an indispensable requirement which is why our modern production plants, located in Santa Rosa, Heredia are certified to the BRCGS®.

At Maluquer we produce aromas, flavors, dyes and additives with the strictest BPM and HACCP guidelines, under a certified management system. This line of work allows us to ensure customer satisfaction and protection.

All raw materials we use are FEMA GRAS (Flavor & Extract Manufacturers Association) which are approved by Codex Alimentarius; we comply with current laws and regulations. In addition, our products are International Kosher certified.

What is BRCGS?

BRC Global Standards is a leading brand and consumer protection organization used by more than 26000 certified suppliers in more than 130 countries, certified through a global network of accredited certification bodies.

BRC Global Standards ensures the standardization of quality, food safety and operating criteria, in order to ensure that manufacturers comply with their legal obligations and provide protection to the final consumer.

In Maluquer we have been certified since 2017, maintaining an AA rating.

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BRC Global Standards Certificate